Antoine at drum kit I first played a drum kit at the age of 11 when I started secondary school in 1981, and since then gained years of varied experience playing drums in different environments and genres, such as rock, soul, jazz and stage show bands. I played regularly in amateur stage productions during the 80s and 90s, (this requires a very subtle and non-intrusive approach) then had a year playing in the resident jazz band at Hull's legendary 'Jazzmakers' club at the Sailmakers Arms.

For 5 years until 2009, I was the drummer in the original acoustic rock band 'Lorca', and this experience really took my drumming to a whole new level.  At present I am not playing drums so often as I am spending so much time performing as a solo entertainer and wedding pianist, but I always love getting back on the kit when I get chance.

I also have a real passion for some of the African drums, particularly the djembe, and bongos and the congas. Over many years I have really developed my percussion technique and played in a variety of different environments including bands and also nightclubs in partnership with a DJ. In 1997 I had the amazing privilege of playing percussion for an about hour in London's Ministry of Sound night club.

I have led numerous drumming workshops, particularly with children in primary schools but also with adults. If you are interested in organising an African drum workshop, particularly if you work in a school, please visit my school music services website.

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