Guitar playing Although I learnt a few chords while still in my teens, I really got hooked on the acoustic guitar in 1996, about the time when I also started to focus on becoming a singer and building up a memorised repertoire of guitar-orientated cover songs, a great way of expanding the chord vocabulary. What particularly appealed to me about the acoustic guitar was its portability (unlike a piano!), and I spent many hours sitting in Pearson Park in Hull developing my skills, either alone or through jamming with other musicians.

As well as learning chords, I also concentrated on learning scales and lead playing, and have learnt to improvise competently, though I have not really spent much time practising on electric guitars. My brother Dave is the master at that, which is why I have stuck to the acoustic!

I picked up experience playing in open music sessions, and for 5 years played in a lively Hull-based 'Irish' band called 'Punch the Horse', which was great fun and did a lot for my confidence on stage. It was really from here that I made the decision to start concentrating on getting established as a self-accompanied solo performer, building on the solid foundation of my band experience.

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