singing Although I did bits of singing here and there from being a young boy and in my teens, it was really in the 90s when I really started taking it seriously. It was around 1996, the same time I also began studying the acoustic guitar, that I started really to develop my vocal abilities and building up a repertoire of memorised cover songs. I had a clear vision of performing as a self-accompanied singer in pubs and made it a real mission to achieve this, despite many setbacks along the way. Since then, the number of songs in the list has reached over 140 and is constantly growing. (The list can be downloaded by clicking here).

It's hard to know at what point you become a 'singer' as opposed to someone who is just attempting to sing, but I have certainly reached a point where I can comfortably hold an audience for several hours, and the feedback is becoming increasingly positive as the number of gigs and performances has grown. I find that each gig usually leads to others which is also a positive sign!

I have tried to tackle a very wide range of songs of many genres, some particularly challenging, both musically and vocally, and this has helped me to gradually improve my vocal technique and extend the limits of my range. But I am always striving to improve and refine the technique further in my ongoing quest to master the art.

With hundreds of performances now behind me, and experience of singing for many audiences in sometimes very challenging situations (including social clubs!), I have become a confident and passionate performer with a real love for singing and entertaining, which I believe comes over in my recordings and live gigs. I will let your ears be the best judge by attending one of my gigs or by listening to some of the recordings on this site.

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