Whether you are interested in a booking at an event or venue, or you are a singer/musician wanting to record your own showcase CD, or have any other type of enquiry, please use the booking form below, or get in touch via the email addresses or mobile number.

I will be more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

If you are planning a wedding or a function, it's fine to use the following form but I recommend that you take a look at my specialised wedding website which lists a selection of packages and prices and also has a booking form more suited to these types of bookings.

general information and enquiries: info@antoine.co
bookings: bookings@antoine.co
mobile: 07971 058686

Alternatively, you can use the following booking form...

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Deposit payments

Certain types of bookings, particularly weddings, functions or parties, will usually require a minimum 20% deposit to firmly secure the booking. (For general bookings at pubs and restaurants, deposits are not usually required as payment is in the form of cash on the evening). Once you have confirmed availability on the date of your event (by phone, email or using the form above) and if you are happy with the quoted price and would like to proceed with the booking, the deposit can be paid by cheque, direct bank transfer, or using the very secure Paypal system (see below).

If you would like to use the Paypal system, please choose the booking option equal or nearest to the quoted fee. (BUT PLEASE ONLY PAY A DEPOSIT AFTER CHECKING AVAILABILITY AND AGREEING A TOTAL FEE)

Please select closest booking fee...