demo_cd Whether you are a professional singer/vocalist, a songwriter, a musician or someone who simply enjoys performing but would like to take it further, why not consider a showcase CD, basically a demo recording that you can use to promote yourself and impress agents or clients, or even just your friends and family? This is an investment that will be well worth the outlay, a valuable asset that may boost your career to the next level, and something that you will certainly always treasure.

I have many years recording experience, some great mics and mobile recording facilities, so I can either travel to you, or you can come to me. You will be delighted with the results that can be achieved in a single day.

If you already have a suitable backing track, we can use that, but alternatively I can either accompany you on just a piano or acoustic guitar (very nice on ballads and mellow songs), or produce a fully orchestrated backing track for you (for an extra charge), for any song you might wish to choose. Whatever style or genre of music, this will not be a problem. I have produced many backing tracks for professional artists, many of which are still in use.

Original songs are not a problem either, so if you or a friend has written one, I can help you put this together as a backing track even if you only have a basic melody worked out. If you are a self-accompanied singer/musician, this is absolutely no problem as pianos/guitars can be recorded along with vocals, or separately, whichever you prefer.

female_singer Once a suitable backing track has been found or produced, I would then record your vocals, retaking as many times as necessary (within reason!) until you are as happy as possible with your performance.  If you also want to add backing vocals and harmonies, that is not a problem as we can overlay track after track. If required, I can sing these for you instead with harmonies which will fit in snugly behind your main vocal.

When the recording is complete and mastered to your satisfaction, you could then consider having it produced as a professional video which can be burned to a DVD or uploaded to a video sharing website such as YouTube or Facebook, a great way of getting your music out to the world and advertising your website if you have one. The filming could either be done during the recording, or afterwards as in a typical music video, or of course a bit of both!

If this is something that excites you and you are seriously interested in booking a recording session whether at a venue of your choice such as your home, or in a suitable venue provided by me, then don't hesitate to get in touch - my contact information can be found on the Contact page.

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